Welcome to Blue Knights Delaware Chapter-1 Supporters!

Advertisements on this page display community businesses who assist the Delaware-1 Blue Knights and its members throughout the year, providing services to our community. Only verifiable sites will be listed. Listings posted must be referred by a Blue Knight Member. Advertisements will be be posted for the current year and event. All monies donated will go towards that event. Those who are continued supporters, your years of support/donation will be displayed next to your card.

On behave of the Blue Knights Delaware-1 Chapter, we thank you for helping us help you make our community a better and safer place to live.

Delaware-1's Annual Salvation Army Toy Run of Delaware

Continued supporter for 10 years

Delaware-1's Annual Ride To The Tide for Special Olympics Of Delaware

Services offered within our community that helped Support the Delaware 1 Blue Knights during 2017

 Continued supporter for 5 years

Services Offered by Delaware Chapter-1 Blue Knight Members

  Continued Supporter for 25+ years